Experience Kaamanen and true silence.

Kaamasen Kievari is located in the middle of the beautiful wilderness of Lapland, 28 km north from Inari just by the river Kaamanen. Good connections to Norway. 70 km to Karigasniemi, 130 km to Nuorgam and Näätämö and the Arctic Ocean is no more than a couple of hours' drive away.

Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, we provide a way to break away from the daily grind; hiking, hunting, skiing, ice skating, fishing (summer / winter). At your request we tailor an activity package that suits your needs.

You can eat well in our A-licensed restaurant, which is known for its cuisine. We serve local products, such as reindeer and whitefish from Lake Inari. The dining room provides a convenient setting for small-scale parties or meetings. Ask for the price!

Kaamasen Kievari has a souvenir shop and a mini market where you can buy beverages and groceries.
You can also refuel your vehicle at out filling station.

Treat yourself to a cup of coffee and a fresh bun at our café. We also offer take-away pastries.

Easy-going summer 2020 hiking or just enjoying yourself

There are many great summer excursion destinations in the Kaamanen region: the Tuuruharju nature trail, Muddusjärvi nature trail with its campfire sites and the Sulaoja trail, which revolves around Finland's largest spring. The trails instantly introduce the walker to the finest views of the area. It's worth visiting!

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Great day trips from Kaamanen are also available for those who travel by car. It is about 100 km to Utsjoki where you can explore the old church halls or walk along the Utsjoki sightseeing trails.

Link to Explore Utsjoki

The Kaamanen - Karigasniemi - Utsjoki - Kaamanen ring route is also easy to drive in a day, when you can also see the magnificent Teno River valley.

You can also take day trips to Lake Sevettijärvi and the village of Näätämö on the Finnish-Norwegian border. The road runs through Finland's lake-richest district and the waters are guaranteed to be clear. Pause, watch and listen the stillness and visit Lake Sevettijärvi to admire the Skolt heritage house.

Link to Skolt heritage house

If the Norwegian border stays open the whole summer 2020, you can continue back to Kaamanen from Näätämö via Neiden and Utsjoki.

View from Tuuruharju. Picture: Kaija Anttonen