Kaamasen Kievari arranges activities like reindeer farm and Sami museum visits, ice fishing and husky sledding.

The Aurora experience

Enchanting Lapland at its best.

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Auroras and whitefish

Hunting for the Northern lights and whitefish.

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Winter activities

Fishing experience

The perfect winter fishing experience.

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Wandering in winter wonderland.

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Cross-country skiing

Skiing tour in the nature.

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Husky Sledding

Joy of speed.

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Ice fishing

Fishing in winter.

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Year round activities

Reindeer Experience

Explore reindeer herding.

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Visit to the Sami Museum

Explore the Sami culture.

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We recommended to book your activities at least a day before to make sure there is enough room for the date you wanted.

You can make the booking at the reception.